Saturday, December 7, 2013

Christmas Holiday Decor Tour 2013

I haven't posted here in years (no literally, it's been over two years) but I decided I wanted to do a quick home tour of our holiday decor this year. Hope you enjoy!

Starting off with the living and the focal point of all the decor (the Christmas tree, of course). Please try your b best to ignore that hideous couch, we've been trying our best to get a new one, but it hasn't happened yet. 

 This little strawberry basket carrier was made by my great grandfather for (you guessed it) picking strawberries. I found it in the barn and stained it a dark walnut. It's both decorative and convenient (we use it to hold our remotes).

 The little pillow on the chair here was hand made. I cut out the snowflake from fabric using the same technique you would use to make a paper snowflake and then just glued it to the pillow using fabric glue.

This little owl I got from the dollar store. It was cheap little clay owl for your garden. I spray painted it glossy white distressed it a little. It's one of my favorite little items.


This wreath (and the identical one on the other side of the window) was made by me. I used cardboard to make a wreath base and then cut sticks up from the yard. I hot glued them in a circle pattern to the cardboard until I thought it was full enough. Lastly I spray painted it white and hot glued dollar-store berries to it. Cost me about $1 (already had the white spray paint); Not bad, I say.

 This little twig reindeer (and the one you'll see later on) were also made by me. They were NOT easy to make and aren't very sturdy or durable, but they look nice, and hopefully I can get at least a couple of years use out of them.

My traditional ornaments hanging in the window. The snowflakes are new this year though, I usually just do bulbs.

The entryway is one of my favorite parts of the the whole house. The snowflakes were hung with white thread and taped to the ceiling with masking tape. The pillow here was painted by me. It was inspired by a pillow from target that was similar, but red.

 We're onto the family room! Not much to say here except that the snowflake pillows were again painted by me.


The picture (pictures) on the wall  is made of dollar-store frames which I spray painted white. I filled it with a huge (7776x6032) image I found on google, which I cropped into six pictures.

Here's our other reindeer friend!

 This wreath actually isn't a wreath at all. It's just an old garland that's wrapped around itself two or three times. Then I just added the ornaments and ribbons. Also, the greenery below is made from branches of our old Christmas tree which we don' use anymore. They're extremely useful, I find.

The picture here was painted by a friend of mine years ago. It adds a nice personal touch to the kitchen.

Onto the decor in the bathroom. This is the back bathroom, which no one hardly ever sees, but it still has to be decorated, right? Right.

And finally some shots of everything at night, looking all atmospheric and whatnot, just for fun.

 And also, a quick shot of the outdoor lights/decor:

Okay, it's the end now.

Thanks for taking the tour with me! Hope you enjoyed it! :)

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