Saturday, August 14, 2010

Beachy Shelf and thanks

Just a rather small project for today. I kind of crashed after all that work on the wainscotting (see last post) and haven't been driven to tackle any more big projects yet. Instead I've been working on little things (shelves, picture frames, etc.)

Today I just hung a shelf which I finished a few days ago. Here's the before picture:

Just a plan old shelf, but hand made by my grandpa, so still special. Originally I was just going to paint the entire thing white, and distress it, but I decided I need a bit more variety in the family room, so I opted for a beachy, worn look. I used a similar method as outlined in THIS post, but washed on the paint more heavily.

here is the result:

I'm not entirely happy with the objects on it right now, but I'm REALLY happy with the shelf itself. (No, I did not mean to rhyme :P)

Some detail shots...

...and more shots...

Well that's about it for now, nothing too amazing, but I felt like sharing it anyways.

I want to thank all of you for your thoughts, compliments and suggestions on my other pieces; they've been most inspiring and helpful and I never expected to be welcomed so readily!

Thanks for reading!

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  1. I love the paint and distressing you did on this shelf! It turned out great. And it's cool that you have something your grandpa made. I have several pieces from mine that I've debated about painting and just haven't been able to yet. Maybe now I'll get up the gumption. :)
    Stopping by from Sunday Showcase.

  2. That turned out great, Robby. I am making over my bedroom this weekend and I think it will be the last big project for a while. Have a great week! La

  3. Nice job! Coming over from Cottage Instincts and good for you at 17! Very creative! =)


  4. Okay, looks like you already have the distressing thing down! This would be a great look to recreate in your bookshelf--back paneling white to match your wainscot, shelves and frame to match the fab job you did on your beachy shelf.

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  6. This is great~it went from old fashioned country to fresh and pretty. Well done!


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